Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gardeners in Your Life

By Jean Starr

Whether a gardener, a black thumb or a houseplant dabbler, it’s time to think about holiday gift ideas for the gardeners in your life. To get started, I suggest making a list of things you’d like to have yourself (and subtly make sure your family sees it).

If you are like most of us, you love to give as well as to receive. Look for imaginative gifts that fit what you know about the person you wish to favor. For example, I enjoy gifting my teenaged plant-loving niece and my tree-loving husband.

My niece, whose interest in houseplants has grown over the past couple of years, is especially fun to buy for. Last year, I gave her a gift certificate from Mountain Crest Gardens, a specialist in succulents. She’s also showing an interest in their propagation. I found an e-book that’s spot-on. It’s called, “The Secrets to Propagating Succulents.” In fact, I think I’ll download it for myself.

According to, 62% of e-book purchases are by people 18 and 45 year old. Perhaps that explains why my niece isn’t interested in borrowing any of my hard copy gardening books.

My husband, the tree-lover, always has a need to prune. For him, I’m thinking of a safe tool or two, and perhaps a good tree book.

Here are some more holiday gift ideas for the gardeners in your life.



This list is for gardeners who enjoy putting their harvest to use — whether it’s vegetables, herbs, or flowers:

  1. Veggie Gardeners Gift Basket includes:
    • Garden Hod
    • Organic, non-GMO vegetable seeds
    • Ratchet Pruner
    • Gardener’s Lifetime Potting Trowel
    • Biodegradable Pots
    • Gardener’s Best® All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer
    • Eco-co® Coir Seed Starting Mix
    • Intervale Garden Row Marking Line
    • Re-Usable Plant Ties, 75’: VELCRO® self-gripping tape
  2. Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners. Everything You Need to Know to Start and Sustain a Thriving Garden (Paperback)
  3. Flower press kits:. For both children and adults, flower press kits are fun for preserving the beauty of summer. Inexpensive kits provide the perfect introduction to the art of pressing flowers and leaves.
  4. Mason Jar Fermentation Kit. Naturally fermented foods contribute to a healthy digestive tract. Try an inexpensive kit to give the fermentation process a try.
  5. Tubtrugs and Accessories. I have several sizes and use them as wash basins, weed collectors, and storage containers, but you do even more with the addition of the strainer and lid.

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