Now, you can experience the magic of Garden Select for Blue Hydrangea Blossoms™. Each sample pack provides encapsulated aluminum sulfate which affects soil pH for up to 3 months. Sample packs are available for a limited time to gardeners who love the idea of blue blossoms. To order, click ‘Add To Cart’ below, and proceed to checkout. While sample packs are free, there is a nominal fee of $2 to cover shipping and handling. One order per street address, please. Each sample order is shipped with two packs. For in-ground use in clay soil, 1 sample pack per 2” of plant height. For use in sandy soil, 1 pack per 4” of plant height. For containers, use 1 sample pack per 2 gallons of potting mix. Click for more information. This product works best with Hydrangea Macrophylla, which includes Lacecap and Mopheads, and Hydrangea Serrata varieties. For other varieties such as: Endless Summer, Nikko Blue, Penny-Mac, Nantucket Nikko, Blue Danube, Blue Wave, Blaurer Prinz, etc. it is best to check plant tags for type and color-change capability. Allow three – five weeks for delivery.