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PlantersPlace is a gardening website intended for those who wish to learn how to garden or who want to learn how to garden better.

Started in 2006, PlantersPlace pioneered in providing serious gardening information on the web. The site is sponsored by Osmocote® Plant Food. There are no fees for members. User information and content is not sold nor shared with other sites. Review the Privacy Policy.

While PlantersPlace is a sponsored site, the site’s content is presented without product bias. Content providers are paid by Bloomington Brands, LLC, the site’s owner. The gardening suggestions and recommendations they make are based on their gardening experiences and preferences but without regard to the sponsor. See Terms and Conditions.

The site is committed to publishing a full-length, seasonally appropriate Featured Article on a weekly basis. The intent is for users to ‘feel’ that visiting the site is a bit like having a subscription to a gardening magazine. Visit the Featured Article Archive.

PlantersPlace has a large library of original gardening material in the form of gardening videos, gardening podcasts, gardening blogs and gardening articles. The material is organized into four ‘buckets’, Gardening Basics, Container Gardening, Edible Gardening  and Flower Gardening (which includes trees and shrubs in addition to annuals and perennials). Easy access is available via the Navigation Bar. Use the Search Bar in the header when seeking specific information.

Other PlantersPlace Resources

Ask the Gardening Expert

Marianne Binetti, Master Gardener, author and lecturer, answers member-submitted gardening questions . Because she’s handled thousands of inquiries over the years, it’s likely she’s already answered a question similar to one of yours. Search the Q&A Library to browse previous questions and answers.

Osmocote® Plant Food

PlantersPlace is sponsored by Osmocote® Plant Food, the originator of slow-release plant food technology. Osmocote believes that knowledge is the key to gardening success. Use the pull-down menu for Osmocote Plant Food in the Navigation Bar to learn more about the product, where to purchase it, how to apply it, even the brand’s story.

Member’s Corner

Membership is necessary to pose a question to Marianne, to post a photo or to request Osmocote trial samples for your next garden club or Master Gardener conference event. Registration gives access to exclusive gardening material at the Newsletter Archive and at the PlantersPlace Magazine. Join now!

I sincerely hope PlantersPlace meets your needs and expectations.

Bob Stohler
Manager, PlantersPlace.com

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