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Dona Bergman hosts the Perennials Forever blog. She is a founding member, Southwest Indiana Chapter of the Indiana Native Plant & Wildlife Society, and an Advanced Master Gardener.

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Ready, Set, Start Over

In the back of my mind, there’s a vague memory of September 2019…it was gosh-awful hot and humid and very,...

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It Had Me at Hello!

Have you ever been strolling through a garden center and spotted an amazingly cool, completely...


Spiderwort and Its Many Uses in the Garden
Spiderwort and Its Many Uses in the Garden

Volunteers are, sometimes at least, a pleasant surprise.  Maybe the annuals planted last year re-seeded...


If at First You Don’t Succeed…

There’s a quote often attributed to W.C. Fields, that is great advice for gardeners: “If...


Fall Garden Update

I sometimes hate to be right.  Based on the last few growing seasons, I was...


Soil or Dirt?
Soil or Dirt?

About a zillion years ago, we took the Master Gardener class.  Our instructor, LC was...


Japanese Stiltgrass - Good News, Bad News
Japanese Stiltgrass – Good News, Bad News

Last year, we noticed a strange plant in a few spots in the yard; some...


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