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When you’re raised on a farm, you can’t help but know a thing or two about gardening. Ellen Wells is our expert on edible gardening. She is also Editor-at-large, Green Profit, and Editor, GrowerTalks.

Tomato Apple Yellow

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AAS 2020 Tomato Winner Apple Yellow

AppThe All-America Selections judges gave a National Award to a tomato called Apple. That’s like naming your dog Kitten (I...

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This shows the blue skin and orange flesh of Pumpkin Blue Prince.
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Pumpkin Blue Prince, a 2020 National Winner in All-America Selections’ Edible category, is certainly deserving...


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These tomatoes have been hanging on the vine with green skin while the temperatures remained above 85F.
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Ratooning produces seconardy broccoli shoots that emerge from the stem once the main head is removed.
Ratooning to Create a Second Harvest

Ratooning your crops midseason is one way to encourage a second round of growth—and a...


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