Basic Plant Nutrition

Understand Plant Nutrition
Serious about gardening? Learn how to recognize the symptoms of nutritional excess or deficiency. Even better, learn how to correct them.

Potting Soil Basics

Down and Dirty About Dirt
What constitutes a great potting mix? A good mix should be formulated to help the plant cope with limited root space and an unnatural habitat.

Hydrangea Plants

The Hydrangea Academy
Are you passionate about hydrangeas? Here’s the scoop – Hydrangea 101, Fast Facts, Varieties, Videos, Articles, Favorite Resources, and more.

Orchid Plants

Exotic, delicate, a symbol of perfection. Orchids have been held in high regard for centuries. PlantersPlace proudly shares its knowledge of Orchids.


Why so popular? Succulents thrive indoors, just like people, and they require only weekly watering and almost no nutrition. Perfect for busy people.


Fruit or vegetable … who cares? Arguably the best tasting annual plant. Widely used in cooking because of its rich umami flavor. Yum, yum!

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