Pest Patrol with Amy Grisak

Amy Grisak is a freelance author and photographer in Great Falls, MT who specializes in gardening, foods, and sustainable agriculture. She provides information on every kind of gardening pest from earwigs to elk.

A mourning cloak butterfly looks for flowers in the early spring.

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Create your own butterfly garden with flowers they love

We all love butterflies, and this is the time of the year to plan a garden just for them. It’s...

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Winter clean up to reduce pests
Winter clean up: strategies to clean out garden pests

The Chinook winds are howling raising temperatures out of the negative digits. There’s no wonder...


Whether you cut your own tree or buy one from a local yard, real trees can harbor unwanted insects.
Avoiding not-so ornamental insects on your Christmas tree

As an enthusiastic advocate of real Christmas trees, it’s true that insects like them, too....


Hawks take advantage of backyard bird feeders.
Protecting backyard birds from hungry hawks

One positive aspect of winter is watching the birds at the bird feeder. While it...


This is one stage of the spotted lantern fly, a new invasive species in the eastern part of the country.
Stopping the Spotted Lanternfly to protect our gardens

It’s the same story. Insects hitch a ride on imported goods, and their population explodes...


The ornate tiger moth is just one example of their subtle beauty.
Finding the beauty in moths by taking a closer look

I never thought much about moths, but after this year I am finding the beauty...


Raising crickets at home is easy.
Eating garden crickets makes sense

Eat your pests Last year we talked about eating the weeds in your garden as...


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Trimming Hops When Overgrown And Unkempt
Trimming Hops When Overgrown And Unkempt
By Amy Grisak
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Elderberry Cuttings: Collection and Planting Techniques
Elderberry Cuttings: Collection and Planting Techniques
By Amy Grisak
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