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Apple Yellow Tomatoes

Ellen Wells discusses the characteristics of the AAS 2020 Tomato Winner, the Apple Yellow Tomato.

Plays: 104

Running Time: 5:38

Meet Ellen Wells
How to Grow a Blue Prince Pumpkin

Ellen Wells talks about why the 2020 AAS Winner, the pumpkin blue prince, is worth...

Plays: 117

Running Time: 6:39

Meet Ellen Wells
Savoring the Local Macomber Turnip

Ellen Wells discovered a new turnip to try in her garden next spring. Learn more...

Plays: 186

Running Time: 6:56

Meet Ellen Wells
Garlic Bulbs Get Bigger Each Year

Ellen Wells shares her favorite tips for growing a variety of different garlic types in...

Plays: 173

Running Time: 6:11

Meet Ellen Wells
Why Corn Leaves Turn Red

Ever wonder why your corn leaves turn red? Ellen Wells discusses how heat impacts your...

Plays: 333

Running Time: 6:46

Meet Ellen Wells
Hot Temperatures Stop Tomatoes From Ripening

Ever wonder why your tomato plants stop ripening during the summer? Ellen Wells discusses ones...

Plays: 375

Running Time: 5:13

Meet Ellen Wells

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