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Sarah Marcheschi

Among Sarah Marcheschi’s fondest childhood memories are summer afternoons spent in the backyard of her Grandmother’s little green and white cottage, singing to the tomatoes in the veggie patch.   

As a young adult, Sarah studied plant biology at Northern Illinois University. While working on her degree, she traveled to the UK to research aquatic plants and visit some of the most beautiful public gardens in the world, including Kew Gardens and the University of Oxford Botanic Garden. Upon returning to school, Sarah assisted faculty in evaluation of various freshwater algae as a starting point for biofuel production. Following graduation, Sarah traded one classroom for another, working as a substitute high school science teacher and private tutor. During the summer, she found an outlet for creative expression at a nursery/garden center as a container specialist, where she designed raised beds, patio pots, urns, and window boxes for customers.

Sarah also began doing freelance florist work, arranging cut flowers for weddings, parties, and events, and hosting her own local flower sales.

In 2011, Sarah became a certified Master Gardener through the University of Illinois extension. She enjoys fielding questions from community members, creating new gardens, and volunteering with local garden clubs. As part of a neighborhood beautification committee, she helps maintain planting beds, containers, and flowerboxes throughout her hometown’s business district during the growing season.

Sarah still lives in that same little green and white cottage with the veggie patch in the back, though over the years she’s added perennials, a cutting garden, and plenty of herbs. Often she can be found snipping parsley, mint and basil with abandon because she loves cooking with her produce. Her favorite veggie, of course, remains the heirloom tomatoes, and every once in a while, you may even find her singing to them.

Sarah writes about gardening for a number of regional publications and blogs at

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