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What’s eating my petunias?

I have successfully grown annuals in pots on my sunny patio in the past. This year something appears to be eating many of my flowers – the petals not the leaves – especially my petunias! It seems to be happening overnight. I use Sluggo in the pots to control slugs and snails. Do you have any ideas what this is and how to stop it? Thank you!

Posted by amanda15 on May 31, 2016

Marianne's Response

It sounds like earwigs or sow bugs as these both munch on petals and hide under the soil during the day - plus neither will be controlled by iron phosphate - the active ingredient in Sluggo. Here is something to try - put a wad of damp newspaper (maybe with a bit of rotten potato or bacon grease inside) and in the morning check to see if the sow bugs and earwigs are hiding in the folds of the damp paper. Then repeat until you catch them all. Good luck, Marianne Binetti