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Can you create a rose bush from a single rose?

Is it possible to take a rose from a bunch and plant it in the ground to create a rose bush?

Posted by john collins on May 10, 2016

Marianne's Response

Yes, I have seen how a rose from a bouquet of cut flowers has rooted like a cutting and grown into a tall rose bush. The problem is the cut rose is difficult to root without a greenhouse and once it does root the new plant will be a very tall, ugly plant with roses growing on the very top of the bush - because cut roses are harvested from tall shrubs with long stems not traditional rose shrubs like you see in a garden. Your best bet if you want to remember a special bouquet of cut flowers is to visit a nursery and purchase a rose plant that blooms in the same color as the cut roses from the bouquet. Keep growing, Marianne Binetti