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Dealing with Deer – Part 2

Hungry deer can create major challenges for gardeners. Try these remedies to repel deer and...

Plays: 1397

Running Time: 4:26

Meet Amy Grisak
Springtime Fly Control

Having problems with flies in your garden and home? Use these techniques and start early...

Plays: 1364

Running Time: 4:21

Meet Amy Grisak
Prevent Box Elder Bug Invasion

The box elder bug is a common nuisance during the fall time. Find ways to...

Plays: 1278

Running Time: 4:29

Meet Amy Grisak
How to Encourage Worms in Your Garden

Earthworms mean healthy soil. Increase your garden’s earthworm population and soil nutrition levels with these...

Plays: 1518

Running Time: 4:59

Meet Amy Grisak
Dealing with Deer and Weeds – Part 1

Every year brings new challenges in gardening. Amy Grisak details how to keep deer and...

Plays: 1249

Running Time: 7:34

Meet Amy Grisak
Predacious Ground Beetles

They may be formidable looking, but these Beetles are actually on our side. Keep them...

Plays: 1396

Running Time: 3:36

Meet Amy Grisak

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