Gomphrena Fireworks: A Lovely Splash of Color in the Garden

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One of my favorite garden plants is a Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena “Fireworks.” This is a good thing since it has reseeded prolifically in my garden, and every year I find them popping up in pots and unexpected places like, well, my lawn.

Don’t let that scare you away from this flower, however. The pink blossoms are spectacular, with brilliant yellow tips. They remind me of something suited to a Dr. Seuss book, like the pink blooms from Horton Hears a Who. (In my family, it is, in fact, referred to as the “Dr. Seuss plant.”)

Gomphrena Fireworks is extremely easy to care for. It tolerates light shade, drought, and heat, although it prefers full sun and amended soil. I plant mine in April, and they bloom until first frost in October or November. I only have to water them the first few weeks after planting and then again in the hottest weeks of summer. The blooms are long-lasting and maintain their color even when cut and dried. You can pinch the plants back early in the season to make them more bushy, but I tend to let mine go.

Gomphrena Fireworks is an annual, supposedly, but I have found that in my zone 7 yard, they come back from tubers that survive winter. They also reseed. Because of this, I am able to use them in multiple beds and pots, wherever I need reliable, low maintenance color.

A Lady on  Gomphrena Fireworks.

The best thing about Gomphrena Fireworks? Even a single plant creates a mass of pink color well suited for butterfly gardens. Multiple plants paired with other butterfly-attracting flowers will ensure you have pollinators visiting your garden.

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