Bubble and Squeak and Potato Pancakes

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Do you ever over estimate how many vegetables your family will eat at dinner? Potatoes, green vegetables and carrots are often left over after family gatherings and most people discard the leftovers immediately. It is not always necessary to put these leftovers down the garbage disposal – save them in the refrigerator so that you can make a Bubble & Squeak the next day and serve it along with any cold cuts that you have around too. Some cooks that I know, intentionally prepare more than needed so that they gave a quick meal for the next day. Add a few pickles or a side salad and you are done in minutes. Bubble and Squeak also goes well with most dinner menus and provides a tasty alternative to the meal.

Potato pancakes are similar to Bubble and Squeak, but they do not have the vegetables included. Which makes a nice change from plain boiled potatoes or fries with a meal.

Bubble & Squeak – for 4 people

2 cups leftover vegetables

1-2 cups leftover potatoes

2+ tbsp oil.

Recipe for Bubble & Squeak

1: In a large bowl, mash all the vegetables together  potatoes and vegetables;

2: In a large frying pan on medium heat, heat the oil;

3: Add the mashed mix and cover the pan;

4: Keep the pan on a medium heat and turn the vegetables after about 5 minutes – they should be hot throughout but not browning;

5: When all the vegetables are hot, leave the pan on the heat until it browns evenly;

6: Place a plate over the pan and carefully invert the mix onto the plate.

Note: The recipe for potato pancake is the same as above but uses about 1.5lb of potatoes, boiled to cook them, then mash with a little butter and seasoning before putting into the pan to crisp. As the potatoes as still warm from cooking, this takes just a few minutes in the pan to brown nicely.



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