Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Planter

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I receive a lot of press releases in my inbox. Most end up in the digital version of the circular file. It takes a lot for a product to keep me interested to the very bottom of the email.

And if it looks cool, that’s even better.

One recent release did just that. It was an announcement about the new and exclusive Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Garden Kit from Gardener’s Supply Company. Not only does it look cool—a criteria for me to have any sort of interest—it also promises 35% more tomatoes. And to top it off, it’s a container garden. More tomatoes and using no in-ground garden will be a big turn-on for a lot of folks.

Here’s what’s in the kit:

Gardener’s Revolution Tomato Planter

The planter has a honeycomb ventilation system—i.e. a container with several openings in panels—and a grow bag liner. These “holes” and the grow bag combine to give the tomato’s roots access to more oxygen, and more oxygen to the roots means a healthier root system.

Snap Lock Rings

It’s like the spine and rib cage of this product. The adjustable “ribs” help contain and control branching, which is one of the most difficult tasks in tomato growing. And with such a health plant, you’ll really need these supports to do their job.

Dual-Hydrate System

While this wasn’t absolutely clear in the press release, from the image it appears as though the container has method of delivering water from the bottom, like a water well. Container plants are notorious for needing frequent watering during the hottest days. This system helps ensure water doesn’t run out and also that you don’t over water in the first place.

Potting Mix

Pay an extra $10 and you can also receive 20 quarts of Gardener’s Premium Organic Self-Watering Potting Mix with SuperRoot Booster, and one pound of their Organic Tomato Fertilizer.


That’s right—wheels! Just wheel the pot out of the way when guests arrive for that patio party. Easy peasy. (An additional cost, fyi.)

For more info on this product go to and search for Revolution Tomato Garden Kit.

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